Community-led housing for Waltham Forest.

Truly affordable, forever.


who are we?

Forest Community Land Trust (FCLT) is a housing project with a difference. Homes to rent and buy, built by the community for the community, and not built for profit. We want to build homes that local people really can afford and create community spaces that are there for everyone to use.

Forest CLT is a membership organisation founded by local residents in 2018 with the mission of creating truly affordable, community-led housing and sustainable communities in Waltham Forest. Legally registered as a Community Benefit Society and ‘exempt charity’, we are a diverse and committed group of 100+ local people and families who are passionate about our area and the power of community to make positive change.

We are a lively and growing membership society, with members from all walks of life in the borough. Many people are involved with the aim of solving their own and their community’s housing problems, whereas others are local professionals and supporters who share the CLT’s community empowerment and affordable housing ethos and want to contribute their time, skills and knowledge .


“Built by the community for the community.”


our Mission

As an expanding group of families and individuals, we want to bring together our aspirations, skills, and experience regarding environmental, social and economic benefits in order to build sustainable, affordable homes for ourselves and the community.  We strongly believe a community housing project can not only provide a long lasting solution for our present and future concerns but also help us materialise our social, economic and ecological aspirations.  Therefore we have taken the initiative and are working to develop a project within a strong equal opportunities framework.

CLTs are distinct from co-operatives or co-housing groups: our mission is to create benefits for the whole community of Waltham Forest, not just our members, and we have an open membership where every resident of the borough can join and influence what we do.

Supported by the Mayor of London and Waltham Forest Council, these are homes for the increasing numbers of people and families in housing need and unable to afford to buy or rent on the open market.


Forest CLT have three main goals; ensuring our houses are genuinely affordable, creating and building on the local community whilst being environmentally conscious in the build and ongoing running of the site.




Our project will consist of multi tenure homes, including shared ownership, affordable rent and social rent, providing homes for a diverse cross-section of the community.

The homes will be 100% affordable, now and in perpetuity. They will  combine elements of the self-build model with alternative technology in order to create a sustainable development.  Innovative, inspirational and creative designs will set the standard for community led housing.



Our vision is to offer concrete benefits to the residents and the broader community through the provision of a community hub. A space available for use by community groups for events, workshops and other activities that benefit the people of the local area.

Provision of such space fosters social cohesion, integration and inclusion which are key values of Forest CLT. We also hope to foster neighbourliness through the layout of the homes and shared open spaces.

Working together we will create a resilient and cohesive neighbourhood.



We will make careful choices in the materials and processes used in our project.  Our aim is to create a sustainable development comprised of environmentally friendly, energy efficient self-finish dwellings constructed with low environmental impact materials and using local supply chains. This involves the incorporation of alternative energy sources such as solar, as well as cutting energy dissipation through shared use of specific facilities (e.g. heating, laundry) and tools (e.g. shared vehicles, common use of workshops). 

Provision of green space will also be a strong focus, due to the great impact that it has on well-being, as well as generating space for wildlife to thrive, children to play and residents to grow food.


Want to get involved?